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 Acclaim Magazine said about her: “Her interactions resonate with our fragility and our elusive relationship with dreams, memory and human, interaction, reflecting harmonious and sometimes dark tones.” Her South African roots allows her to explore her own deep, raw, and sometimes violent country.

Format Magazine reported: “The streets are dangerous and the people are tough. Faith chooses the places to paint in by the texture, the wall, or the environment surrounding it.” 



Faith47 –  Some of her works come along with photographs of the location and of her graffiti, embracing the vision that everything is temporary, and so must be caught on the run. Her graffiti bring attention to odd, lost and forgotten spaces. She came to attention initially for her graffiti work, but later her painting evolved in a wider perspective than common traditional graffiti. Focusing on more studio work and keeping searching new ways to paint, hitting the streets. She is now considered an important and complete contemporary artist. Faith infact received international praises and exhibited in galleries and shows all over the globe. She featured in the  South African documentary, The Creators (2010). One of her most acclaimed work is ‘The Two Arches’, that she created for Rik Reinkings Street Art Show at the Von der Heydt Museum, Germany in 2011, within the David Krut Project. Her artist career can also counts on a monographic book on her early worksthat has been published in 2011 by On The Run.

Faith’s Art – In her art you can see the influence of the outlines and textures that are present around you, while you are walking on a South African street. Her artworks are on unusual walls and surfaces, broken-down cars, old factories, side roads of ghost towns, and inner city alleyways. Faith is looking into the destructive and creative sides of nature, looking through all kind all living species. Her paintings are both symbolic and full of meanings, that she conveys in a message that is abstract but sharp enough to get through.



Faith’s Bio – South African, Faith47 was born in 1979. Living at present in Cape Town. Introduced to graffiti and influenced by Wealz130 of the YMB Crew. Cashril+ their son, is now an up and coming street-artist. 

In 2010 Faith participated in an international mural project in China, alongside various chinese street artists, such as DAL, that later became her husband. Her Exhibition. Her Photographs.

Faith’s Video

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