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Magliana Gang – In 2005, an anonymous call reached, live and direct, the popular tv show “Chi l’ha visto?” (“Have you seen him?”), a public tv program focused on missing people, vanishing and abductions. In this call a man ‘called’ Mario declared to the presenter that in order to solve Emanuela Orlandi’s mystery, they should verify who is buried in the Basilica Sant’Apollinare. Along this he added they should try to get some informations regarding the favour that ‘Renatino’ (Magliana’s gangster Enrico de Pedis) did to Cardinal Poletti. It came out that the illustrious defunct inside the Basilica was the Magliana’s boss himself.


Enrico “Renatino” De Pedis

The tv program correspondent was able to obtain the pictures of the tomb and the original documents of the boss burial on Vatican soil, expressly requested by Cardinal Poletti at that time head of CEI (Italian Epicospal Conference). In 2006 Magliana gang repentant Antonio Mancini claimed that Mario’s voice on the tv program belonged to a killer used to comply Renatino’s order, a guy called ‘Rufetto’. Public Prosecutor’s couldn’t confirm what Mancini declared with their investigations. In the meantime the editorial unit of the above mentioned program received a postcard from a southern touristic site with written on it “Leave Renatino alone”. In June 2008, the popular tv show went back talking about Emanuela, they broadcast the entire original version of the anonymous call that was never heard by the public before. After revelations on De Pedis burial and his agreement with cardinal Poletti, the voice added “You can also ask to the owner of the Bar in Via Montebello, his daughter was with Emanuela”. They found out that the bar was owned by Mirella Gregori’s family, the other vanished girl in similar mysterious circumstances in 1983. One month later a cal threatened the tv show journalists, saying they should immediately stop to investigate on the case. In July 2011 the District Prosecutors of Rome, arrested some of the components of Roman family De Tomasi. Accusations went from money laundering to loan sharking, prosecutors thaught that  Giuseppe De Tomasi, known as ‘Sergione’, part of the Magliana gang, was the same guy that in 1983 called Orlandi’s family calling himself ‘Mario’, while his son Carlo Alberto, was the author of the 2005 call.

The only (confused and incoherent) version by a witness – In 2006 journalist Raffaellla Notariale interviewed Sabrina Minardi, a woman that had an affair with Enrico De Pedis between 1982 and 1984. Nobody paid attention to that interview, in which the woman explained steb by step how the kidnap was carried out, among many mistakes and confusion. In 2008 the press, started to publish part of it, because the woman was heard by the prosecutors in Rome and her declaration became ‘official’. She declared that Emanuela Orlandi was kindnapped by De Pedis and then killed and her body was thrown in a concrete mixer in the outskirts of Rome in Torvaianica.

Basilica di Sant’Apollinare

Sabrina told that she knew the kidnap was carried out by De Pedis himself commissioned by Paul Marcinkus. She said that she arrived in a bar in the roman area of Gianicolo, where Enrico told her she would have met the girl that he had to drive to the Vatican. At the meeting  she saw also a dark BMW, driven by De Pedis chauffeur ‘Sergio’ and a red Renault 5 driven by Daniela Mobili, De Pedis nursemaid. Inside the Renault there was also a confused young girl, that Sabrina identified as Emanuela Orlandi. ‘Sergio’ put  the girl on the BMW, Sabrina jumped on the car with her, she noticed that the teenager was crying and laughing at the same time, she immediately thought she was drugged up. Sabrina drove the car to a petrol station inside the Vatican, here she found a Mercedes with a Vatican plate waiting for her. Driven by a man that looked like a priest that took the girl away with him. Sabrina continued to explain that she knew that the girl has been kept in a flat owned by De Pedis nursemaid Daniela. The flat had a huge basement, perfect in order to keep a hostage, its existence was later proved by investigators.

Sabrina Minardi

Sabrina Minardi continued her declaration saying that the nursemaid accept to keep the girl as she was also very closed to Vittorio Sciattella, another Magliana gang member. This man was also involved in the Roberto Calvi’s murder and the prosecutors verified that he ordered some renovation works in the building where Emanuela could have been kept in the basement. The nursemaid denied that she ever had a role in the abduction. The investigations proved that she really lived in that building but also that she never had a driving license, so she couldn’t drive the Renault that day. Afterwards Sabrina Minardi mentioned also another member of the gang that was immediately arrested by the police. He confirmed that the flat had a basement organized as a shelter but he denied that Emanuela has nebver been kept there. He said it was just a shelter to protect De Pedis and other members that were sought after by the police, no hostages. In Sabrina’s declaration made his appearance former Italian PM Giulio Andreotti (also on trial for allegedly had negotiations with mafia). She said that she went twice to Andreotti’s house for dinner, with his partner Enrico De Pedis, that at that time was already a fugitive for Italian prosecutors. Sabrina specified that Andreotti didn’t have a role in Emanuela’s kidnap but he was involved with the position of Paul Marcinkus, and met ‘Renatino’ In order to talk about that. Minardi’s declaration were acknowledged by prosecutors as partially  incoherent, also considering the indiscriminate use of drugs she had in previous years. They had however also to admit that some of what she said was true and that at the end, even if she was confused, she knew something regarding Emanuela’s fate. In fact, for instance, in 2008 they found the dark BMW described by Sabrina as the car on which Emanuela was abducted. It belonged to Flavio Carboni, an entrepreneur investigated in the trial for Calvi’s murder and linked to the Magliana gang. The publishing of Sabrina’s declaration provoked strong protest by the Vatican. Monsignor Federico Lombardi declared that those words offended Paul Marcinkus and the Vatican, he added that the former head of the IOR was dead and he couldn’t defend himself. Shocking!

Flavio Carboni, freemason inside the ‘Blackfriars’. Same name of the brige where Roberto Calvi was found dead in London.

The 19thof November 2009 Sabrina is once again heard by Roman prosecutors Giancarlo Capaldo and Simona Maisto. She recognised there, ‘Mario’’s identity, the man that immediately after Emanuela’s vanishing repeatedly called her family. After a couple of day she’s been interviewed again by public channel Rai News 24. In the interview she said that Emanuela’s in her detention, also spent two weeks in her parents summer house outside Rome. On the 10th of March 2010 has been put on the investigated record list by prosecutors another man: Sergio Virtù, indicated by Sabrina as De Pedis’ chauffeur, he probably had an active role in the abduction. The man is investigated for aggravated murder and kidnapping. The day he’s heard in Rome he’s also been arrested for other minor crimes and immediately transferred to Roman jail Regina Coeli. In front of the prosecutors he denied any connections to the Orlandi’s kidnap. The man though is also accused by another woman, that prosecutors indicated as her former lover, she told them about is role in the abduction and that he was eventually also paid for that.

The tomb opening in Sant’Apollinare – In July 2010 after few denials Rome Vicariate give the judges the green light to open De Pedis tomb in Sant’Apollinare. On the 17th of June 2011 another anonymous call hit the investigations. A man that declared he was a former Italian secret agent called to declare that he was sure Emanuela was still alive and she was kept in England in a private mental hospital in which she was continuously drugged up.  He also added that the abduction was decided to punish Emanuela’s father Ercole that was involved in a massive money laundering with the IOR connected to the Roberto Calvi’s Banco Ambrosiano affair. One month later Antonio Mancini, a Magliana gang member in jail, declared that Emanuela was really kidnapped by the gang, in order for them to get back the money they invested in the IOR through the Banco Ambrosiano, Mancini said that the money they wanted back was more than 10 million €. The gang didn’t obtain the money back but De Pedis helped anyway the Vatican to stay out of the affair because of the agreement he got from Cardinal Poletti to be buried in prestigious Sant’Apollinare as it eventually really happened.  

The tomb opening day in Sant’Apollinare

The 14th of May 2012 finally the tomb is the Roman church is opened by prosecutors that found inside his body. Four days later they investigated a Roman priest, Pietro Vergari. They accused him to collaborate with the gang to the kidnapping. This accusations open a new track in the investigations on which Emanuela was attracted by someone to be introduced to a network of sex parties in which participated people from the Vatican as priests and foreign diplomats. This new track open links that drive investigations towards the infamous Boston Catholic Church managed by Archibishop Bernard Francis Law (involved in the paedophile investigations of NAMBLA, the North America Man Boy Lover Association). A confirmation to this was in a letter sent to the Orlandi’s family years before with the stamp of Boston’s Kenmore Station Postal Office.

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