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Another Story of Progress

“This movie is not like any other movie. It’s an attempt to break with the story of civilization and to tell another very different story. One about a culture incompatible with nature.” Felix Silvestris Catus

“anOther Story Of Progress” covers various issues, such as environmental destruction, indigenous resistance and insurrection – from a primitivist perspective. It also features primitivist thinkers such as John Zerzan and Layla AbdelRahim, as well as activists Vandana Shiva and Ana Maria Lozano from Justicia y Paz – to mention just some of the people appearing in the film. Aside from footage shot with a home video-camera, material has been drawn from various documentaries to emphasise the thesis presented in the film: western civilization is a violent, destructive culture that has to be fought against.

Thomas Toivonen describes himself as a Musician, Film-Maker, Writer, Green-Anarchist, Activist… These are some of the words he uses to describe what he’s about, “but” he ends “most of all I am a human being. Just like you.”ike you…

 Thomas introduces us to his documentary: “and so begins the journey into a reality never described by the establishment. A reality where Progress does not equal increased quality of life but the destruction of everything. Uncivilized cultures, eco-systems, even our basic human/animal needs are destroyed by this Progress. And for what? A new IPhone, a faster laptop, an SUV? However, there are voices of sanity asking us to question this Progress and the horrible price we have to pay for it. John Zerzan, Cricket, Layla AbdelRahim, Vandana Shiva, Ana Maria Lozaño and many others are basically asking the same question (even though formulated differently): is it all worth it? And they all come to the same conclusion; that it is not. And it has to be fought.  Even if we are all victimized by this Progress it becomes so much clearer seen through the eyes of indigenous people. Because what is happening to them now, happened to us civilized before. Their pain of being forcibly domesticated and broken down is reflected by our pain that has been transmitted from generation to generation. Because, ones, we too where indigenous.  Personally I only have to go back a few hundred years, when my (now extinct) hunter-gathering Kemi-Sami ancestors had to face my agri-cultural Finnish ancestors. They were given the choice to either be assimilated by the settlers or move north facing the same repression as the other Sami tribes. This is a story that has repeated itself all over the world for thousands of years, sometimes remembered but mostly forgotten.  As the last uncivilized, undomesticated life is under threat this Progress has come to a critical point; to either drive itself into collapse or take the last steps on a journey that started thousands of years ago, into a completely artificial existence where nothing exists for the sake of its own but as a resource for something or someone else. A system of global slavery on every level. Therefore, humanity stands before its greatest challenge of all; a paradigm shift where an adequate number of people wakes up and fights the ruling Elite responsible for this miserable existence.  Can we make it? I think so, if we start to value clean air, clean water and genuine happiness before whatever gadget that is stealing our attention for the moment. And if we have the courage to stand up to whatever repression we might face.  I hope that you can see through whatever technical flaws you might find in this film and see the underlying message. This project has been a strictly zero budget D.I.Y. – project. It was edited on several computers with one thing in common; that they were about to break down, and they did. The film was finished on an old laptop that my brother gave to me. A Panasonic something home-video-camera was used as filming equipment. This means that anyone with a little bit of imagination and a story to tell can make a film.  I hope you will find this film inspiring, provocative and make you question the lies that have been told for thousands of years, so that you can find your own truth.  I would also like to thank all of you who have been so kind to provide me with a lot of useful feedback. This film is just as much your creation as mine. And therefore this film is in no way copyrighted.”

“Yours Sincerely”

Thomas Toivonen


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