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Ryuichi Sakamoto – Forbidden Colours

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Springtime is the time for change in Japan. It means cherry blossoms, moving (changing residence), new jobs, and a new school year. Most new company employees begin work in this period. New television shows start. Japanese dislike change but seem to accept it when it comes along with the Sakura (cherry blossoms). This is so important that most weather forecasts on the nightly news also include the percentage of cherry blossoms that have bloomed in certain areas. There are pink and white blossoms everywhere. It’s one of the nicest times of the year in the country. Many Japanese wear surgical masks because they are allergic to all the pollen in the air.

 You have to stake out your place in the park very early in the morning. The best spots are highly coveted. Some young recruits get assigned to hold places in parks for the company picnic. Still there is a pleasant feeling strolling through the jam packed parks. Cherry blossoms only last for few weeks and then they’re gone until next year.

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